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Tradesmen International is very proud to have served the variable skilled labor needs of contractors for more than two decades. We’re also proud to be recognized across North America as the industry’s premier source for high-caliber, safety-minded craftsmen. We employ thousands of commercial, residential, heavy industrial, marine and energy industry craftsmen. These are proven trade professionals – Journeymen, Apprentices and Helpers – ready to serve contractors of all types and sizes out of our more than 150 local offices in 39 states.  

When it comes to our skilled employees, “Safety is Our Number One Core Value.”  Tradesmen provides every craftsman employee OSHA 10-Hour Safety Training. To ensure a culture centered on safety, we consistently educate our employees with tool-box talks, safety fact sheets, payroll stuffers and job site posters that focus on improving safe-behavior.

From a client-service perspective, Productivity is Our Priority.  Yes, Tradesmen International meets your skilled manpower needs with safe, skilled and reliable craftsmen.  However, our business goal is to establish genuine partnerships with contractors – to understand your short- and long-term labor needs – so we can effectively help you, through your ever-fluctuating workload, sustain a balance of work to skilled workers.  For our clients, that consistently equates to substantially increased workforce productivity and fortified bottom lines. 

As a Construction Labor Support Company, Tradesmen provides clients:                

  • Labor Productivity Consulting - Helping you sustain a profitable balance of work-to-skilled-workers
  • OSHA Safety Training - For you and your employees, helping your effort to continuously grow a company culture centered on safety.
  • Skilled Trades Staffing - Powered by employees who are experienced in:
    • Commercial and Residential Construction
    • Heavy Industrial Construction, Shutdowns and Turn-Around
    • Power Industry Construction and Outage
    • Manufacturing and Fabrication
    • Shipyard and Yacht Boatbuilding

Tradesmen International also showcases an elite core of travel-dedicated craftsmen which enables us to serve your skilled labor needs in every city throughout North America.

Learn more on how using our skilled craftsmen will, not only help you improve productivity, but reduce risk and cost related to Workers’ compensation, unemployment, benefits and recruitment.  Call Scott Dwyer, our Omaha General Manager, at 402-445-6171, to set up a meeting.

Tradesmen International:  Productivity is Our Priority.

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